From Our Pastor Dr. Terrell R. Sears

We are glad to have you visit our church web site. It has been my privilege to be the pastor of First Bible Baptist Church since 1974. My wife Linda and I moved to Bakersfield, California, from Englewood, Colorado, with our two young daughters and began a ministry that has taken us to many and varied places.

We saw our original building burn to the ground, set on fire by an arsonist in 1976. God was great in providing for our church another home that was much larger. We moved into our present building in 1977.

More than wanting you to visit our web site, we would like to have you visit our services. We are an old-fashioned, Baptist church and we have not changed our beliefs, our stand, or our Bible. We proudly stand for the historic Biblical Baptist position. We use the old-fashioned hymns of the faith. If you long to attend church like it used to be, we invite you to visit First Bible Baptist Church.